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Obbligato / Data Loss Prevention

Protect file server !
Counter measures against leakage of confidential information from in company.

In recent years, for manufacturing companies, overseas design and decentralized development with production footholds has become indispensable to achieve shortening product development period and reducing cost. But risk of taking-out of technical information such as drawings and specifications that are literary properties becomes a big problem. “Obbligato III / Data Loss


Prevent confidential information leakage easily at low cost

File servers that a large amount of confidential data such as 3D data and drawings, etc. are managed in can be made to powerful security environment preventing data leakage with easy settings. It is possible to correspond promptly as confidential information leakage accident prevention. *For non-evaluation of applications, it is necessary to pre-operation check.

Prohibit taking-out confidential data while keeping convenience of general data usage

You can copy general data such as general document to external media or print as usual. Taking out, attaching to e-Mail, copying to external media and printing, etc. are prevented only for the confidential data.

Able to introduce to China because encryption technology is not used

Because encryption technology is not used, it can be introduced to countries where use of encryption technology is restricted (China etc.). It can also prevent leakage accidents when encryption is released by the internal parties concerned.

Phased extension to PLM system

After it is introduced as information leakage measures to protect the confidential information of the file server and the existing system, it is possible to extend to PLM system gradually such as Document management and BOM management from the business area where priority is high.


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