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Face Recognition Solution "Smart Face Authentication"

Automatic verification with a pre-registered image and an image captured by a surveillance camera with high accuracy.
NEC's face recognition technology has ranked No.1 several times as the world's most accurate technology in vendor tests conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST).*

Please check the policies on personal information of the country where you are trying to install this system.

Report automatically!
When detecting specific faces, so...

No entry!
No matched face is registered, so...

If a face of a specific person is detected in images sent by cameras in each location of a facility, it is automatically reported to security.
It is easy to setup the system to prevent inappropriate activities, to follow-up the activities afterwards, and to confirm the inappropriate activities.
Users’ faces are recognized from captured images by cameras placed at entrances of buildings or rooms of companies, schools, hospitals, research centers, etc.
The system to prevent identity thieves and tailgating can be setup easily.
Face Recognition based
Security System
Face Recognition based
Entry and Exit
Management System

It can be also applied for ...

It can be also applied for ...

  • Measurements against specific people in a publicly opened facility
  • Searching for children wandering around off of their parents in a large scaled commercial facility
  • User identity checking services for shared services

  • Securing safety in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Identity checking services in an event site
  • Touchless & Cardless Time Attendance Management

KAOATO has supports various types of cameras regardless of the brands and can use PC as a monitoring terminal.
If you wish to install such systems yet not a large-scaled change in facilities and systems, why not considering KAOATO?
Its appeal is a high compatibility to already installed monitoring systems.

Overview and Features

Operation Image

Our workflow

Advantages of Face Recognition

Easy-to-understand log display

You can keep not only text but also images as logs to recognize "when, where, who entered (visited) the shops".
Also, you can check the images in the log lists, and register specific persons at ease.

Operating cost reduction

After installation, it is necessary to register face images to the system. However, the amount of effort can be decreased by using the captured images as described above. Hence, running cost can be reduced.


NeoFace, the facial recognition engine of NEC is adopted. The world-acknowledged accuracy of facial recognition

We adopted the face recognition engine, NEC's "NeoFace". The system won the world's finest accuracy in the biometrics technology benchmark test conducted by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US *.

  • *
    The evaluation results do not represent recommendations by the US government for specific
Support a variety of different cameras

You can select a variety of cameras depending on your usage such as Web cameras, network cameras, analog cameras, near-infrared camera, etc.

Excellent security

After the images have been encrypted and saved, they are automatically deleted in a certain period of time. Furthermore, the facial images can be checked only by authorized users.

Reduce HDD capacity

You can save HDD capacity since the log is stored as images rather than pictures.

Flexible scalability

The system can be installed in a small-scaled structure with several cameras. Then cameras can be added upon users' demands.

Services for each user's needs

We support customers' needs with plentiful experiences and functions developed through a lot of actual installation cases.

Customized cases
    • Connecting to a special camera
    • Linking to external device
    • Entering various sensor information