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Message from our General Director

Welcome to the official website of NEC Vietnam.

Under the global business framework of NEC Corporation some decades ago, NEC established its liaison office in Vietnam in the early 1990’s. In line with its growth strategy, it was re-organized as NEC Vietnam Co., Ltd. in 2006, with a newfound commitment to grow the business and contribute towards the people and society of Vietnam.

In a rapidly changing business environment, we have evolved to be a comprehensive solution provider, to deliver on our core strengths of providing Solutions for Society, which involves providing social infrastructure benefiting citizens and communities.

Today, we are highly dependent on ICT technologies – From communication through our smartphones or tablets, finding shopping and eating places, making reservations and purchasing tickets for transport services and the like, we cannot function effectively without technology. We are proud to say that NEC is well-positioned to meet the needs of the market, to have the relevant technologies in-house and is ready to deliver. NEC Vietnam will continue to create new social values using technologies and contribute to the development of Vietnamese society.

It is our commitment to the customers to have great products and excellent services. We are always hearing, feeling, and identifying the customer needs and expectations to create the best values through our technologies to the satisfaction of our customers.

Naoto HAMATANI, General Director