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Realize the information visualization and real-time management with ERP

Do you have the following concerns ?

  • You cannot understand progress of operations.
  • You cannot manage the inventory, work in progress.
  • Inventory data and sales/purchase data are not connected, which causes delivery delay and excess inventory.
  • Each person in charge stores business data locally, which divides necessary and important data.
  • Business operation depends on the skill of person in charge and their sudden absence, resignation stop your business.
  • Your system developed by local vendors is no longer supported suddenly due to the resignation, bankrupt.
  • You still continue using Excel as current business application system is troublesome and difficult to use.

Feature of SAP Business One

  • Integrate necessary business information to one integrated database
  • Easy to understand the actual data in a timely manner
  • Prepare basic system operation manual and standardize your business operation
  • Share No.1 software in ERP
  • Take care of Vietnames finance rule, tax forms

Implementation Effect

Case 1
  • We are able to create reports easily in financial closing.
  • Easy to train and educate recruits as it has useful operation manuals.
Case 2
  • We are able to get information we want anytime. No need to ask someone and wait several days anymore.
  • We achieve to shorten the time for counting, as we do not need to compare a lot of products with many versions of Excel file.

Feature of NEC Vietnam

  • Many companies achievement in Vietnam
  • Comfortable NEC group's engineer resources
  • Sales and engineers who deeply understand Indonesian culture and business
  • Steady project achievement by collaborating Japan
  • Total IT solution provider from business application to IT infrastructure


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